Throughout cinema history there have been countless characters that absolutely would have benefited from owning a SkySaver. I’m not even referring to the multitude of villains that always end up falling to their deaths, as those deaths would not have been prevented. It’s not like they would have had the foresight to put it on before being knocked off the building, and anchor it right before falling. These are characters that would have been better off if they had a SkySaver in reach. The movie would have continued entirely differently (in most cases) from that point onward and it would be interesting to see how these movies might have ended. Anyways, the following are five actors whose characters needed a SkySaver.

Mr. Deeds

In this scene, a woman is trapped inside her apartment building, which happens to be on fire. Along comes Mr. Deeds, played by Adam Sandler, to rescue her. She refuses to evacuate until they find and evacuate all of her cats to safety. When they finally do, the two of them jump down, unrealistically I might add, onto a trampoline of sorts, fly up twenty feet in the air, and break through the trampoline onto the ground. A SkySaver would have come in very handy in that situation, as the woman could have easily lowered herself to safety without Adam Sandler’s assistance.

The Other Guys

Every buddy cop movie is about two cool, competent police officers, solving a major case. The Other Guys is about the cops who never go on any of these romps, hence, The “Other” Guys. In this scene, the cool cops, played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson, jump from a building in order to catch some bad guys who just ziplined down. Going against the trope of them making an incredible landing, getting the bad guys, and being the heroes, the two tragically, and hilariously, fall to their death. Had they been in possession of a SkySaver, they could have used it to get down safely (we only condone using a SkySaver in an emergency situation with no way out, however, this is a movie). This would have been a much different movie, as they would have taken on the big case that Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell took on. However, who’s to say that would have made for a less entertaining movie?

Naked Gun

Frank Drebin, played by the late, great Leslie Nielsen, is hilarious in the Naked Gun movies. In this scene, he is investigating a suspect’s apartment, when he accidentally causes the room to catch fire. His hilarious escape would not have happened, had he had access to a SkySaver, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


In this scene, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) duke it out. Hobbs jumps to save his partner and they both fall out the window. If a SkySaver had been in reach, his partner might have been able to use it earlier, and Hobbs may have been able to take Shaw down, without being put out of commission for the majority of this crazy action romp (which was definitely the worst aspect of this entry into the franchise).

Every Slasher Movie Character EVER

There’s no need to mention a specific movie. In a large amount of slasher movies, the killer chases the protagonist around his/her house, with the protagonist running from room to room, upstairs, downstairs, and pretty much ending up trapped. A SkySaver would allow the protagonist to escape to safety, and run to the neighbors to call the cops and get help. This would definitely add a new dimension to the slasher genre.