The world's safest emergency evacuation solution
from high rise buildings

SkySaver’s rescue kit is designed as a backpack which contains an integrated harness and a fire-resistant
steel cable for easy and safe evacuation of individuals from high buildings.

Skysaver - Lifesaving in 3 steps

Lifesaving in 3 steps

Buckle Up
Buckle Up
Clip To Anchor
Clip To Anchor

What is the Skysaver made of?

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Frequently Asked Questions

SkySaver is your way out of life threatening situations caused by fire, earthquake, hurricane and terror attacks, when main escape routs are inaccessible. Surviving an emergency is all about distancing your family from danger as fast as possible. Your survival chances are measured in minutes. Remember, the first responder is you. The fast and safe way out is the SkySaver.
SkySaver is easy to use and requires no skill at all. Anyone can do it.
Simply follow our 3 step process: Buckle Up, Clip onto the anchor point, Exit through window or balcony.
Once you have released yourself, the SkySaver automatically will slowly descend you towards the ground floor.
Watch out for obstacles on your way down, and gently use your arms and legs to bypass them. You can hold on to an object in order to slow or stop your descend though we recommend against it. If you do, once you let go of it, you will gradually resume your original descending speed.
Each adult needs a SkySaver Backpack. You can carry a baby, a child or your pet with the attachable front harness, designed specifically for this purpose. The SkySaver Family Backpack connects to the harness through the front side buckles. Once connected, your loved ones are the closest to you on your way down.
SkySaver descends you at a steady speed of 3 to 5 feet per second (1 to 1.6 meters per second), depending on your weight. For instance if you carry your child with you, your speed will be a bit faster than your speed descending alone. The average user experiences this speed range very slow and a comfortable and smooth descent.
SkySaver is certified in the USA to carry a minimum of 66 lbs and a maximum of 298 lb. which is equivalent to 30 Kg. or 135 Kg. 
In Europe SkySaver is certified to carry a minimum load of 30 Kg  and a maximum load up to 120 Kg. which is equivalent to carry a minimum of 66 lb. and a maximum of 264 lb. Children weighing less than 66 lb. or 35 Kg. must use the attachable child harness, connecting to the front side of the SkySaver Family Backpack, which allows each adult to carry a child with him. Our tests show SkySaver performs well carrying up to 270 Kg, and we expect to extend the certified load limits for our current product line soon.
SkySaver’s is a Controlled Descend Device (CDD) which is attached to the backpack and the harness. The CDD is a friction based mechanism commonly used in tactical and extreme sports appliances. The SkySaver CDD is designed for everyday people, yet is highly resilient to a variety of extreme conditions
You can use the SkySaver several times, but must be rewound at the SkySaver test center lab and is required to recertify by SkySaver. For more details, please leave us a message on the Contact Us page
You can use the SkySaver with a mobile anchor or a fixed anchor. Each SkySaver box contains two fixed anchors ready for installation in your premise. Proper installation of the anchor is an integral part of the SkySaver rescue system.  Since building construction varies by location, we recommend using an experienced installer who is familiar with local construction practices.  The minimum requirements for the anchor installation are specified in the package insert.

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SkySaver is an innovative provider of portable emergency evacuation kits utilizing its patented, high quality Controlled Descend Device (CDD) technology for emergency evacuations in industrial and home settings.

SkySaver CDD can be pre-installed on site to be immediately available when needed.

The company is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of safe and intuitive emergency self-evacuation solutions for commercial and residential use.