Save your life in 3 easy steps

1 Buckling the Skysaver Rescue Backpack

Put on the backpack
and tighten the straps.

2 Carabiner clipping the Skysaver Anchor Point

Clip the carabiner to
the pre-installed anchor point.

3 Descending to safety using the Skysaver Backpack

Descend through any opening
and the unique braking mechanism will
automatically lower you to safety.

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SkySaver Uses

Why SkySaver?

Carries up to 264 lbs (120KG)
Developed and tested by safety experts
Allows escape from up to 260 feet (80 meters)
Device is portable
Safe, simple, practical, and affordable
Self-operating - no assistance necessary
Automated controlled descent device
Descent is easy and safe
Opened view of Skysaver Backpack and descent device

Technology Behind SkySaver

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