While fire departments save many lives, they are not magic. They cannot arrive instantaneously to the scene of the fire. It generally can take five minutes or more for them to reach the scene of the fire. If you happen to live above the eighth floor, the fire ladder will most likely be unable to reach you. At that point, the firefighters will have to go all the way through the building to get up there and rescue you. Most people will not have enough time, assuming the fire has enough fuel to spread. Don’t be caught in the worst case scenario. Watch the following videos to see how fast fire can spread, and what people have been forced to do, in situations, during which there is no way out:



Picture this scenario: You begin cooking dinner. You receive a phone call from your good friend. You step away for a minute to have a short conversation. That short conversation turns into a long one and before you even realize it, it’s been fifteen minutes. All of a sudden, you smell smoke and you hear your smoke alarm. Your apartment has started to become engulfed in flames. Luckily, your alarm alerts the fire department of your current predicament, however, how long will it be before they arrive? You realize that the fire has spread to block the only exit. You also notice that the fire extinguisher, located inside your kitchen, is inaccessible, due to the immense buy tramadol generic pharmacy heat. You are relegated to the dining room, you shut the door, but smoke starts entering the room through the crack underneath. You begin to panic, and continue to wonder when the fire department will arrive. It has been 3 minutes since the fire alarm went off, and you feel the immense heat coming from the other room. You find it difficult to breath where you are, as the smoke start to billow up. You hear sirens. Good. The fire department will save you. You stay low to the ground because that’s what you remember reading about what to do during these kinds of situations. You start blacking out. The fire ladder cannot be used because you live on the twelfth floor. The firefighters must go the long way. They arrive inside your apartment but it’s too late.

It’s great to have a smoke detector to alert you of the fire. It’s a smart idea to have a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. But there are times when a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher won’t be enough. There are times when the fire department may have to take the stairs. Fire spreads quickly and will not wait. During these times, what will you do? How will you get out? Don’t panic, have a plan, and setup precautionary measures for these kinds of situations, because you cannot possibly know if it will happen to you.