“It’ll never happen to me.” “I’m always careful.” “What’s the big deal?” “Even if something happens, I can definitely handle it.” These are some of the ways people reason with themselves when being carless when it comes to fire safety. They plug in appliances near wet locations in the kitchen. They use third party phone chargers and keep their phone plugged in all night. They skimp on surge protectors. They overload power splitters. They don’t own smoke detectors or even a fire extinguisher. These precautions should not be overlooked. The importance of fire safety cannot be stressed enough, especially to those who have no personal experience with either a close call or tragedy happening to loved-ones. When you have no personal experience, you are less likely to take fire safety seriously. It shouldn’t take a close-call for you to wake up.

You never know what can happen. One night you could be sleeping soundly in your bed and suddenly be woken up by the smell of your home burning up around you. Especially these days, when even flagship phones aren’t always safe. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was completely recalled and banned from airplanes, due to fire safety issues. Even more so, when purchasing a run-of-the-mill phone and leaving it charging overnight, one spark is all it takes. Waking up with smoke all around you and seconds to decide what to do, is something no one ever wants to experience. Not having a clear plan of action can be the difference between life and death.

Even on a personal note, I was ironing a shirt one day and something seemingly miniscule caused me to realize just how I would potentially react during a real fire. I put the iron down (the proper way) to adjust the shirt, and suddenly, the iron started sparking. I could see through the cracks of the device something fiery. I quickly, without hesitation, grabbed the plug from the wall and pulled it out. Thankfully, that stopped a potentially dangerous incident. The amount of adrenaline rushing through your veins when something potentially deadly is about to happen is on another level. Everything was so quick and such a blur, but from that moment you understand that when you are in that kind of a situation, anything complicated and requiring precision, is very difficult to do.

In situations such as these, a device such as SkySaver is so incredibly useful. It doesn’t require training, is easy to put on (like a backpack which mostly everyone has put on hundreds or thousands of times before), and it is certified to the highest international safety standards (CE, TUV, SII, ASTM, ANSI). At a time when there are only moments to spare and your adrenaline is rushing, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Do not think that these kinds of incidents are rare. Being prepared with the proper fire safety precautions in your home is extremely important. Don’t say it will never happen because that’s everyone thinks before it actually does happen. It shouldn’t take a wakeup call to understand what kind of state a person’s mind goes into during those crucial moments. Your family will thank you.