Destroyed House

You believe it’ll never happen to you. In fact, you know it’ll never happen to you, right? People own smoke detectors, so they must believe that a fire breaking out in their home is a definite possibility. That extra bit of warning time will allow you to put the fire out before any drastic measures must be taken. People own fire extinguishers, so clearly, they believe that a fire can break out in their home and it can get large enough that one would be required in order to extinguish it. What happens at the next stage? Out of those who own both smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, how many are prepared for what might happen next. If that out of control fire is too big for a fire extinguisher, and it traps you in your apartment, what escape plan do you have? Wait for the fire department? Jump?

People buy insurance for all kinds of things, paying tens of thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetimes, just for some peace of mind. Odds are you will never get robbed until the day you die, but really, who knows? Who wants to take that risk? The moment someone robs you while you are insured, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, you’re proud of yourself that you have been paying insurance all these years for exactly that kind of situation.

One can never predict if he or she will be caught in a situation where “insurance” will help ease the financial burden in the aftermath. Insurance being either actual insurance or something which will prevent any kind of escalation. This can range from a security alarm in case of burglars, renovating one’s home to better withstand earthquakes in areas which are prone to them, etc. People spend money on all different forms of insurance because they realize there is a chance of something bad happening and they not only want to mitigate the damages done, but they want peace of mind knowing that those damages will be mitigated. SkySaver can easily be thought of as a kind of insurance as well. Sure, you can have your smoke detector and your fire extinguisher, but if you think even further ahead, what happens if you get trapped inside your apartment? Would you jump? Would you even have a choice?



Compare it to someone who has valuables in their home. The security alarm is their smoke detector, warning them of something bad happening. The safe is their fire extinguisher, a good precaution in case the first line of defense is circumvented. The insurance on the valuables is the SkySaver, paying you back the value in case they are stolen. In the case of the fire, YOU are the valuables, and your life is being saved, ie the payout.

Fires break out in apartments so often that unless you’re watching local news, you are unlikely to hear about any of them. Here are just but a few instances (that you probably didn’t even hear about) in which people were forced to jump for their lives, some ending in tragedy;

Woman critically injured after jumping from 7th-story window on Detroit’s west side to escape fire

Woman in hospital after leaping from bedroom of blazing house

‘Terrifying to watch’: The moment a woman jumped from burning building

1 Dead After Jumping From Burning Building

Leaps of faith! Terrifying moment young family jumps to safety from burning building

Children jump from windows to escape KCMO apartment fire

It shouldn’t take a near-death experience for you to act on your family’s safety. It shouldn’t take getting robbed for you to install a home security system, it shouldn’t take getting mugged for you to learn self-defense, and it shouldn’t take a major fire happening in your home for you to buy a SkySaver.