As any parent knows, being there for a child is a full-time, long-term commitment. Each day presents a list of countless activities, from the school run to mealtimes, from changing diapers to reading a favorite bedtime story.

Sometimes childcare seems a task, something we ‘have to do’. Still, deep down, we relish simple actions that express care for our nearest and dearest. On a daily basis, parenting provides little spikes of personal satisfaction. Over the long term, conscious care builds a strong sense of family security, a constant warm glow.

There are certain one-time actions that, done right, make a positive long-term effect on the future of your family.

Preparing is Caring

Once or twice a year a homeowner is reminded to renew their home insurance or upgrade a private health programme. Although it feels like a chore, when those support systems are safely in place – when we’ve done our best to safeguard home and health – we win profound peace of mind. We feel prepared for whatever life throws at us.

When it comes to home security, these one-time decisions are critical. With a few hours of clear-minded thinking you can set up safety procedures to prepare your family for almost any scenario.

Hopefully you’ll never be the victim of a burglary. However, should the worst happen and a thief enters your home, your foresight – to install an alarm system and CCTV – means you’re ready to confront the danger and minimise any damage.

Fire Hazard

For those of us who live in tall buildings, fire poses a serious threat. This is not hyperbole, it’s a natural fact of living high above the ground. Heat travels upwards, and it travels fast. Flames spread rapidly through stairwells and elevator shafts, making any attempt to exit extremely hazardous.

However modern the building, however intelligent its sprinkler system or well-maintained its external staircases, there’s always a chance of finding your family stranded many metres above the sidewalk, with no way out. That’s a nightmare. Sadly, this is something that actually happens.

What can a responsible homeowner do to insure against this catastrophe? This question deserves to be answered with the same foresight as health insurance or theft prevention. If there is something you can do today to mitigate the risk, surely that deserves mature consideration. Because small as the risk may seem, the consequences of getting this wrong are permanent and far-reaching.

Safety in your hands

Surprisingly scant attention is given to the risk of fires in tall buildings. The brunt of responsibility falls on local fire services. It’s true firemen are heroic, capable of great feats, saving many lives. But it would not be level-headed to rely solely on their bravery.

The sober reality is that emergency services are often understaffed, overwhelmed by callouts, and equipped with substandard equipment. When the issue is family safety, we must take matters into our own hands.

The Simplicity of SkySaver

A straightforward one-time effort, Skysaver provides a complete solution for your family’s safe exit.

SkySaver is licensed as a Controlled Descent Device (CDD) which is attached to the backpack and the harness. CDD is a friction-based mechanism, similar to the abseil experience popularised by mountaineering and rock climbing. The SkySaver CDD is designed for ordinary, untrained users, and is robust enough to deal with almost any situation. We’re proud that Skysaver meets both American and European safety standards.

One-Time Set-Up

Secure a small metal fitting, an ‘anchor’, to the wall of your home, close to a window. This will hold your weight and support a descent during an emergency escape. Skysaver also provides sturdy backpacks and harnesses to comfortably connect your family members to the anchor.

Order the appropriate number of packs and cables for your family, and any pets. You should store this equipment in an easy-to-access area.

Three Steps to Safety

In the case of a fire in the building, follow Skysaver’s three-step process: buckle up; clip to the anchor; descend.

Each member of the family straps into their backpack and connects their harness to the anchor. Each person gently lowers themselves from the window for a slow, measured descent.

It may help you to make slight ‘hops’ with your feet or hands against the external wall, for an increased sense of control. In a matter of minutes your entire family can evacuate to safety via the Skysaver cable, coming to rest on the sidewalk below.

A calm, safe escape, without the aid of the fire services.

Take the reins for your family

Skysaver puts homeowners back in control of home security. Because if the worst happens, you don’t want to ask a thousand ‘what ifs’, or point the blame at local services. You want to feel relieved that you were prepared. The great news is that Skysaver has done the planning for you. Simply install, store equipment, and enjoy peace of mind for your entire family.