Is high rise building evacuation distinctive from other buildings? The multi-storey plans of a high rise building create the accumulative effect of requiring great numbers of individuals to travel great perpendicular spaces on stairs so as to evacuate the building. In the Inauguration of the World Trade Center’s high rise office towers following the terrorist bombing in 1993, an enormous number of building occupants successfully and safely crossed about five million individual flights of stairs. The procedure for evacuating two of the biggest high rise buildings in the world can take upwards of 2 hours.


How are emergency directions tailored to the actual crisis event and conveyed to the building occupants? High rise building fire alarm systems are expected to have emergency voice communication capability. Should the scale of the crisis increase, the statements may be extended to include extra floors, or if need be, the whole building. If stair travel is possibly dangerous, are there other options? The building, fire protection and life safety systems installed in high rise buildings, including automatic sprinkler protection, are made to control a fire in order to lessen the necessity to evacuate all residents to the road level. Lots of us have seen remarkable video of helicopters picking up residents from the roofs of burning buildings. Another method would be to use a SkySaver Rescue Backpack. When all other methods are impossible, a SkySaver will allow you to descend the side of the building to safety (assuming you are up to 260 feet/80 meters).


Most building designs incorporate many features that direct residents to the street or ground level for evacuation purposes. Elevator shafts can also permit a number of people to enter the shaft and make their way toward the roof of the building. In other cases, your building can be provided with safe zones. In every case, and aside from one capabilities, if you’ve any questions regarding your building’s plan or how you fit into it, you must ask your employer for detailed information. Emergency rescue of high rise building residents may take a very long time. For those emergencies where time is of the essence, SkySaver can be your lifeline.