As mentioned in a previous blog post, celebrities are NOT invincible. They can encounter emergency situations (like fire) just like the rest of us. They sometimes even rescue people from emergency situations. Every so often, danger is a part of their job. Tragic accidents can happen while filming, especially while performing risky stuntwork. Sometimes, they survive accidents that can happen to you and me. Here are 5 times that celebrities survived potential deadly situations.

Isla Fisher

Movie stunts can be incredibly dangerous, especially when the actors do it themselves. Tom Cruise, Jason Statham, and more, are well known for doing most of their own stunt work and refusing to have a stunt double. This adds a lot to the realism of the scene. It also makes for potentially life threatening situations. That’s what happened to Isla Fisher. In a scene for 2013’s surprise box office hit Now You See Me, Isla was meant to escape out of shackles while in a tank of water. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, as she ran out of air and her shackles became tangled. She was unable to reach any of the safety measures, and the crew thought she was acting. Luckily at the last minute she was able to untangle the chains and get out of the tank. Talk about your close calls.

50 Cent

Too many rappers (such as Tupac and Biggie Smalls) have lost their lives due to gang violence. 50 Cent was shot 9 times at close range in the year 2000, hit in the right hand, hip, chest, and face, and somehow survived. Ironically, the publicity helped pave the way for his successful rapping career that would later branch out into acting.

Seth McFarlane

Many people share the story of almost boarding the tragic 9/11 flights, but not many are as famous as Seth McFarlane. McFarlane got wasted the night before and ended up missing the flight. He arrived just 10 minutes late, and American Airlines Flight 11 left without the comedian on board.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham, who is very well known for doing most of, if not all of his own stunt work, narrowly avoided death while performing a dangerous stunt. While driving a 3-ton truck, the brakes gave out and it went straight into the Black Sea. Statham was very lucky that the production crew had the doors taken off because he was able to escape the truck and swim to safety (it helps that he has a background as an Olympic-quality diver).

Tracy Morgan

One of the more publicized incidents of the last few years (regarding celebrity near-death encounters), Tracy Morgan was on his way back from performing at a show in Delaware, when all of a sudden, a Walmart tractor-trailer struck the van he was riding in from behind. This caused a six-car pile up and put Morgan into a coma. He also had a broken femur, broken nose, several broken ribs, and brain trauma. One of his close friends, James Mcnair, was killed, and it was a miracle that Tracy has been able to return to comedy, after months of rehab. (Investigations found that the driver of the tractor-trailer had been driving for 24 hours straight.)

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