Behind all of their fame, talent, and looks, celebrities are just normal human beings like you and me. As “Us Weekly” shows, celebrities tie their own shoes, walk their own dogs, take their kids to school, etc. However some celebrities do a bit more than that. Some celebrities have put their lives on the line to save people’s lives. These celebrities should be lauded, as they do what needs to be done, and what your everyday Joe might not necessarily do. They go above and beyond and that’s what makes them celebrity heroes (at least in that moment). Here are four celebrity heroes:

Kate Winslet

Were you aware that Kate Winslet (Titanic, Steve Jobs, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) saved a 90-year-old woman from a burning house? While staying by Sir Richard Branson’s mansion in the Caribbean, the house was struck by lightning causing it to go up in flames. Winslet realized that a quick evacuation was necessary, which is why she brought Branson’s 90-year-old mother out of the house to safety.

Jamie Foxx

Actor, singer, and comedian, Jamie Foxx heard a car crash and immediately looked to help. He noticed that the driver was still buckled in the car that was on fire. He pulled the man to safety, despite the flames. If Jamie hadn’t come to the rescue, who knows what might have happened.

Garth Brooks

An unexpected knock at the door was heard, and when two young buy tramadol online mexico brothers opened it up, they saw country music star Garth Brooks (and another man) telling them to leave their home due to a grass fire heading in their direction. Brooks drove them in his truck to safety, away from the fire, which burned over 600 acres of land. Luckily, the fire stopped just a few feet from the house of the two young brothers.

Vin Diesel

While riding through Hollywood on his motorcycle, the car in front of Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel lost control and burst into flames. Diesel, acting like his on-screen character Dominic Toretto, quickly stopped his bike and pulled two children from the backseat of the wreckage. He also talked the driver through climbing over the backseat in order to escape. A short time later, the car was completely engulfed in flames. Thanks to Vin Diesel, all three people in the car made it out alive.

Rescuing someone from fire is no easy task. It’s definitely going above and beyond. Risking your life for your fellow man in order to do it definitely warrants some recognition. These stars didn’t think about their own lives and were completely selfless during the (literal) heat of the moment. They didn’t do it for fame, as all of these celebrities could not get much more famous than they already are. They did it because it’s the right thing to do, no strings attached.