Frequently Asked Questions


Who in the USA has certified that this product is safe?

The product has been certified by Gravitec Labs according to ASTM and ANSI standards for Multi-Story Building Evacuation Controlled Descent Devices. ASTM E2484-08 ASTM F1772-12, 12.1.2 ANSI Z359.4.

Are these trust worthy certification bodies?

These are internationally recognized certifications.

I understand the product has been heat and fire tested, I’d like to know about other testing, e.g. since the tether will be used at tension, how will it cope with for example falling shards of glass hitting it?

SkySaver is not a protective suite and while the device should work even with falling shards of glass it will not protect the user from the dangers of such a scenario. The SkySaver drum was tested in the most extreme conditions. It was frozen in -35 degrees Celsius (-31 Fahrenheit), baked at 80 degrees Celsius (176 Fahrenheit), plunged in oil, covered in dust, exposed to flames of fire and the cable was exposed to up to 2 meters (6 feet) of free fall. SkySaver passed all the tests. The backpack also endured extreme force to make sure the buckles and the strapping can withstand extreme conditions.


How long has the company existed?

SkySaver was established in 2011. The company has assembled an experienced team that has advised SkySaver in areas of security and fire safety.

Where is SkySaver being sold from?

SkySaver is available from resellers and distributors around the world


How much does it cost?

SKS 80 - $1280

SKS160 - $1380

SKS 260 - $1480

(Differences are in cable length 80/160/260 feet or 25/50/80 meters)

Do I have to use this in emergency?

Yes. SkySaver recommends you use this device only in an emergency whereby this is your last chance of survival. SkySaver should only be used if alterative emergency exits are unavailable.

Is this a parachute?

No. This is a Controlled Descent Device that uses a fire resistant steel cable to lower you down at a steady rate of 6 ft/second. The United States Parachute Association sets the minimum pack opening altitude for experienced skydivers at 2,000 feet, and 5,500 feet for less experienced skydivers. Only 2 buildings in the world are over 2,000 feet tall, so parachuting out of your 500 foot apartment building would not be a very good idea.

What kind of cable is this?

It is a Galvanized Steel Fire Resistant Cable

How much weight can it hold?

66-264 lbs or 30-120 kg

Can we have a safer option? Or customize it with some other system?

The SkySaver is the safest option in a scenario where all other emergency exits are no longer available. SkySaver encourages people to use the emergency exits if available and reserve the use of the SkySaver for life/death situations where no other option is available. SkySaver has been tested according to recognized international standards (ASTM and ANSI) and has gone through rigorous testing that the product has met and exceeded.

Can I hold my children as I descend?

The device has been designed for a single body use. If you child is above 66lbs or 30kg then they will be able to wear their own SkySaver device. SkySaver is close to completing the SkySaver child model that will allow parents to bring their children down to safety with them.

Should I use gloves with SkySaver?

The SkySaver will lower you to safety without the use of gloves however we always encourage people to go beyond and gloves can be a helpful addition.

What if I am on the 50th floor?

At present we do not have a device that reaches that high.

Do you need experience to use it?

The SkySaver has been developed by top security and fire professionals with the customer in mind. It is a simple 3 step process that enables anyone to use it in an emergency.




What do I hook it up to?

A pre-installed anchor

Will someone install the anchor for me?

SkySaver does not install the anchor and highly recommends it be installed by a professional technician.

As we need to setup the hook into the wall, do you have instructions for us to do that? How can I test the durability of the hook and the safety of the system?

SkySaver does provide an instruction manual, as to installing the anchor however we HIGHLY recommend you get a professional to install the anchor as they know the torque and weight considerations for the materials in your wall.

What material should the anchor point be installed into?

The anchor point has to be installed into the correct material that will be able to hold sufficient weight for the SkySaver to be used. This is why we request that a professional install the anchor who has experience in assessing such scenarios.

Can it be used by anchoring in some other way, for example instead of bolting the anchor to a wall can it be secured by roping the cable end to say a balcony railing?

We do not suggest this, as one does not know the weight tolerance of the balcony railing. If one has certified tolerance ratings for their balcony, and it falls into the group needed to use this device then it can be used.

What if the walls are wet while coming down?

The SkySaver has to be attached to a pre-installed anchor point that has been installed by a professional that understands anchors and wall materials. Such an individual will install the anchor in the strongest point near your window so that such issues as water will unlikely have an effect on the anchor's functionality. 

What if the floor that I’m anchored to collapses?

Such a scenario is unlikely. For the floor to burn down it would have needed a relatively long period of time to burn, in which case a SkySaver user would have already been lowered to safety.

What happens if I don’t have an anchor point installed?

One can attach the SkySaver to a railing or another fixed anchor point that has certified tolerance ratings for SkySaver use.

How fast does it go?

The Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that uses a fire resistant steel cable will lower you down at a steady rate of 6ft/second (2m/second) (average).

How does the system work? Meaning how does it ensure that you will come down slowly & not at a high speed?

The SkySaver has a Controlled Descent Device (CDD) installed inside the backpack. The CDD is a patented device that has a fully functional braking mechanism that lowers you down up to 6 feet/second or 2 meters/second. The mechanism is functional with weights of 66-300 pounds (30-135kg).

How do you stop?

The SkySaver has been designed so you don’t need to control its speed. It has a special designed system that lowers you at a constant speed that allows anyone to use it.

So if I’m on the 50th floor can I just use two to get to the bottom?


Is anything needed in the way of maintenance or checks, or is it just a case of putting it in a closet until it is needed?

The SkySaver does not need any maintenance. It needs to be kept in a dry environment and not subjected to extreme temperatures. The SkySaver carries a 7 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty can be renewed at a cost after the device has been thoroughly checked by SkySaver.

How can I disconnect the cable after I reach the ground?

Once you have finished descending the building SkySaver recommends to unbuckle yourself and leave the area immediately. Once the fire personnel have cleared the area for use then you can ask them to cut the cable and keep the backpack with you. 

Won’t people jump on me and grab on to me as I come down?

Logistically it will be difficult for someone to grab a SkySaver user in mid-air due to the speed and angle of the descent. The SkySaver has been built to cater for 66-300 lbs. If others jump on your device then the system might not work as prescribed.

Can the product be reused?

The product is a one-time use product. The reason being is that the cable has been wound professionally so that the device will work in a flawless manner. One SkySaver has saved your life, it has done its job.

Do you envision SkySaver being a mandatory device in all buildings (just like fire extinguishers)?

Making this mandatory in all buildings will save lives, however such a process takes time to implement. For the long run, SkySaver is working to have governments recognize the need for an alternative escape route, however this is not a factor in the near future. We are educating the market on the importance of SkySaver for every individual.


Is this product only available online or looking for wholesalers?

We are offering both channels as well as developing new channels. We have an online store through our website and we have a number of resellers signed up that will be selling our product. We are also looking at finding an exclusive distributor for each state/s but this is a process that needs more due diligence.

How do I become a distributor/reseller?

Email to receive more information.