Skysaver - Taking Safety Higher

Join us in the business of saving lives

SkySaver: a groundbreaking solution for escaping
from high-rise buildings on fire

Become a SkySaver distributor and bring this exciting, life-saving innovation to your market

When it comes to ensuring the safety of people working or living in high-rise buildings, there’s no room for shortcuts – unless it’s SkySaver!

This innovative, completely safe and easy-to-use solution enables people to escape life-threatening situations such as fire and terror attacks, even when usual emergency exits are blocked.

Patented around the world, SkySaver is intuitive to use, in just a few simple steps.

Slip on the backpack and buckle up the harness

Slip on the backpack and
buckle up the harness

Clip the carabiner onto anchor

Clip the carabiner onto anchor​

Climb out of window/ balcony and lower to safety

Climb out of window/ balcony
and lower to safety

SkySaver is already sold in five continents. We are now looking for distributors and installers to support our ongoing global expansion.

We offer:


A life-saving product,
certified to the highest international standards


Expand your offering, benefit your customers and generate additional income


Benefit form
special distributor prices
on bulk orders


Get ongoing support,
including marketing materials
and demo training

* To obtain exclusivity, minimum purchase requirements apply

We are looking for distributors and installers who:

  • distribute and/or install equipment for high-rise residential and office buildings
  • have existing working relationships with companies managing high-rise buildings
  • have an excellent track record in sales
  • have an installation capability, either in house or sourced externally
  • have the resources required to carry our periodic quality checks and provide ongoing customer service

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