When there is an emergency, the danger rises exponentially when you are in a high rise. The potential of becoming trapped, with no way out increases, and in those situations, what can you really do? Mass panic can break out if a large number of people are trapped in a high rise and that can lead to further problems. Safety precautions must be taken in order for the chances of being trapped in a high rise to be minimized.


An elevator is an easy escape out of a high rise during an emergency. Simply push the button, enter, wait, and exit to safety. The elevator can malfunction, however, due to a power shutdown or system failure because of the current situation. You may even be brought directly to the fire itself. So, what can be done to ensure this never happens? Elevators must be code compliant with elevator recall. What is elevator recall, you ask? Elevator recall occurs when a fire alarm is activated. All of the elevators are then recalled to the floor where all of the fire safety system controls are located in the building. The fire department can then set up a command center from that point. This allows any of the firefighters to reach the necessary areas and rescue whoever needs rescuing. Elevator recall also prevents occupants from using the elevator, which in turn, keeps them out of harm’s way, and allows firefighters to get to where they need to go.


Another precaution to be made is to make sure your stairwell doors have unlocking systems. There are stairwell doors in buildings which automatically lock behind you. Six people died from smoke inhalation after being trapped inside a stairwell because of a locked door. This also allows firefighters to access different floors in the building quickly, without being hindered.


A third precaution to take is to make sure crowd control systems are in place, such as a voice communication system or digital voice command system. This allows the guidance of people on the upper floors to safety and is the most efficient and safest way to make sure people get to safety, stay calm, and remain unharmed.

SkySaver Rescue Backpack

Lastly, due to the possibility of being trapped, and the elevator is shut down, the stairs are blocked, and there is no possible way to escape, make sure to have a SkySaver. It happens too often that people have no choice but to jump out of their windows because they literally have no other options. With SkySaver, you can be on the ground, safely, and out of harm’s way in about 3 minutes flat (depending on which floor you are located on).

Always make sure you have a way out. Make sure you never have the possibility of being trapped. Find out if your building is up to code, and have a SkySaver just in case. As stated in a previous blog post, a SkySaver is not just for fire safety. In any kind of emergency, be it a fire, a terrorist threat, or an earthquake, make sure you're never helpless. Don’t be a damsel in distress, and have the ability for self-rescue.

Barak Bacharach, SkySaver Content Manager