8 Fires that have Started in Crazy Ways

Fires can start in all sorts of crazy ways, which is why it's so important to have a safe evacuation plan no matter where you are. Here are 8 examples of fires that started in crazy and unusual ways. Hopefully we can learn something from these cases and practice better fire safety.

March 22/2015- Toaster Crumbs

 A build up of crumbs in a toaster was to blame for a high-rise fire that started on the 10th floor of a London building. Fire investigators said that the toaster was used repeatedly on the highest setting, continually toasting the crumbs, and eventually causing the flames. As a result, the smoke alarms sounded and caused around 200 people to evacuate the building. A Fire Brigade spokesperson advised that it is important to regularly clean out toasters.  

February 25/2015- Nutella Jar

London firefighters reported that an empty Nutella jar was to blame for a house fire that tragically killed a family's dog. The fire started as a result of the sun's rays refracting through the Nutella jar which had been placed on a window sill. Much like a magnifying glass fire, the blinds caught alight and the blaze spread throughout the home. The family was not home at the time.  

July 25/2014- Samsung Cellphone

A 13 year old girl went to sleep with her Galaxy S4 cellphone under her pillow but woke up to the smell of something burning and found that her phone had overheated and sparked a fire. Thankfully, the damage was minimal and Samsung even offered to replace both the phone and the bed. They also warned consumers that rechargeable batteries can overheat if covered by material such as bedding.  

August 7/2014- Spider Fire

A woman in Wales tried to kill a spider by spraying it with aerosol and then lighting it on fire. Unfortunately for both the woman and the spider, the blaze quickly spread, and the spider fire became a full-blown house fire. Nobody was harmed except for the spider.  

January 27/2014- Cow Farts

Methane gas released by dairy cows was responsible for an explosion in a cow shed in Rasdorf, Germany. The shed had a high level of gas build up and a static electric charge caused the gas to explode into flames. One cow was injured and the roof of the building was severely damaged.

June 6/2011- Blender + Love Seat

A kitchen fire started when a blender, which had inexplicably been operating on a love seat, ignited and spread a small fire to the love seat. Nobody was hurt in the fire which occurred in a trailer, though the structure suffered heavy damage from the smoke and flames  

 August 11/2009- Crystal Ball

In a case similar to the Nutella fire, a home in Weston-super-Mare, England was destroyed by a fire which started when a TV was set on fire by a crystal ball  left on the windowsill. The small three inch ornament magnified the sun's rays, causing the TV to catch fire, explode, and spread to the couch.  

April 19/2008- Xbox

An Xbox 360 overheated and caused a fire in an Arkansas home that nearly burned down the whole structure. The game console which has been known to overheat was not being used at the time, and thankfully the family was not home.