January 11th- January 17th

Multi-Story Fire & Safety News of the Week 

  This past week there were many small apartment fires, some of them deadly, on upper floors of buildings across the United States and Canada. There is also the interesting high-rise safety news out of Chicago where Mayor Emanuel is threatening to take buildings to court over their lack of fire safety standards.  

January 11th

Fast-Moving Fire Rips through Brooklyn Apartment Building 

A morning fire tore through an apartment building in Brooklyn, and forced some residents to leap from their windows to safety. These residents were able to jump onto neighboring roofs to escape the flames. Two people were taken to the hospital, including a small child. 

Arson Ruled out as Cause of Fire that Displaced 9 in Chatham

Investigators have ruled out arson as the cause of an extra-alarm fire that displaced nine people in an apartment building on the South Side. Heavy flames were emerging from the back stairwell and top floor of the 11-unit building. Firefighters had to use ladders to rescue nine people from the third floor who could not exit on their own.  

Candle Causes Fire that Damages Downtown High-Rise

A candle started a fire in a 16-story downtown Portland high-rise. Nobody was injured in the fire that started on the 11th floor and fire sprinkler systems were able to subdue the flames and keep them from spreading further.

January 14th

Man Climbs out Window to Escape Huddersfield Flat Fire

A 23-year-old man was taken to the hospital after being forced to climb out of a window following a blaze in his apartment. It is believed that the fire started in the corner of the room blocking the man’s exit. As the room filled with smoke he was forced to scramble out of the window to safety.  

January 17th

Apartment Fire Started by Child

Thirteen people were displaced after a fire broke out at an apartment block in Indianapolis. Family members say the fire was started by a child and rapidly grew out of control. Smoke detectors alerted the family and neighboring apartments and firefighters were able to evacuate everyone to safety.