December 28th- January 3rd

Multi-Story Fire & Safety News of the Week 

Multi-Story Fire & Safety News of the Week 

      In a particularly tragic week, there were major high rise fires in San Antonio and New York both of which started in buildings over 10 stories tall. Both demonstrated the need for working smoke alarms and sprinkler systems to help minimize the damage a fire causes. Here is a roundup of fire news in multi-story buildings:

December 28th

Sixth Person Dies Following San Antonio Area High-Rise Fire

A tragic fire broke out on the third floor of a senior's home in Castle Hills, Texas that claimed the lives of 5 residents with a 6th resident dying two days later. The 11 story building is home to residents aged 55+ and many had a difficult time evacuating down many flights of stairs. The building did not have a sprinkler system and residents were used to many false alarms, so initially some thought the fire was just another false alarm


Extra-Alarm Fire Breaks out at Near North Side High-Rise Building

A fire started in the 19th floor of a 24 story high-rise in Chicago's North Side. There were no injuries reported and the fire was said to have been caused by a problem with the furnace.

  December 29th

Two People Jump From Building to Escape Hartford Fire

A fire in a Hartford multi-family building left two people with no choice but to jump out their window onto a roof extension. Both were hospitalized with minor injuries.

  December 30th

Electrical Fire Contained in Downtown Portland High-Rise

An electrical fire started on the 21st floor of a 26 story Portland high-rise and was under control within an hour. The fire caused over $100,000 in damages and thankfully no injuries though firefighters did have to knock down doors on the 21st floor to make sure residents were alright.

  December 31st

3 Die in New Year's Eve Fire at Queens High-Rise: FDNY

A New Years Eve fire on the 9th floor of a Queens high rise caused the death of three residents. The FDNY reported that the home did not have working smoke detectors and that there was food cooking unattended on the stove. Five firefighters were injured battling the blaze which also spread outside the apartment.

  January 2nd

Man Dies in Myrtle Beach Apartment Fire

One person was found dead inside a Myrtle Beach, SC apartment that caught fire. The fire was contained to one apartment in the four unit building.

  January 3rd

Woman Injured in Fire at Yorkville-area TCHC Building

A woman suffered non-life threatening injuries in a Toronto area fire that started in a community housing building near the downtown core of the city.