Putting out Fires Using Sound

Two engineering majors at George Mason University have invented a new firefighting device that may one day revolutionize the industry. This device is incredible because it uses sound waves to put out fires, not water, not foam, not CO2, sound waves! The science behind it is that the pressure waves displace oxygen and as we all learn in elementary school, fires need oxygen to burn and without it, they extinguish. The whole idea started as a senior research project and the students invested about $600 of their own money to build the machine. After about a year of trial and error, they were able to put together a portable sound generator, amplifier, power source and focusing tube that would be able to attack and smother the flames without spraying any actual substance. This device could have a ton of applications, though at the moment it looks like it only has the ability to put out small fires. Still, this device could one day be very common and maybe placed on top of stoves in the kitchen to automatically put out any pan fires. It's always great to see innovation in the fire safety and suppression industry! See how this amazing device works in the video below and tell us your comments in the section underneath.