January 18th- January 24th

Multi-Story Fire & Safety News of the Week

News this week comes from New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Washington, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Canada, Wales, Singapore, and Ireland. Many people had to resort to windows to escape home fires and this cost one Brooklyn man his life as he was forced to jump from the 4th story to escape a fire.

January 18th

Apartment Fire in Seattle Displaces Family of Four 

There was thick smoke and flames visible from a second floor apartment in Seattle according to the Fire Department. The fire forced the evacuation of the entire building but damage was limited to the one apartment. There were no injuries and one family was displaced.  

Smoke from Car Fire Causes Evacuation of Whittier Apartment Building

A car fire in the underground parking garage of a senior-living high-rise apartment building, prompted the evacuation of dozens of people while firefighters cleared the air. The smoke rose throughout the 10 story building but firefighters were able to evacuate everyone safely.

January 22nd

Woman Suffers Burns; Escapes Through Window after House Catches Fire in Hampton

A woman is in the hospital suffering from burns to her face after she escaped from a house fire in Hampton by jumping out her window. Firefighters arrived and found the woman in the driveway being assisted by neighbors, Battalion Chief Mick Barilla said. Barilla said medics treated the woman for burns to her face, as well as inhalation burns to her mouth.  

Massive Reward In Hunt For Los Angeles Arsonist 

In an unprecedented move, LAFDF, LAPD, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have announced that they will be offering $170,000 for any information leading to an arrest in the case of the massive Da Vinci apartment complex fire of December 8, 2014.  

January 23rd

Sapulpa Family Escapes Through Window as Fire Rips Through Home

A pregnant woman and a toddler were transported to a hospital after they escaped a fire that destroyed a Sapulpa home. Seven people, including three children, lived in the home and were able to escape through a bedroom window while the fire spread through the residence.  

January 24th

Apartment Fire in Ottawa Forces 1 Out

An apartment fire in Ottawa caused a full evacuation of the 20 unit, 3 story building. Firefighters entered the scene to find heavy smoke and flames that had been quickly spreading throughout the building. The flames were eventually extinguished and all but one person were able to return home.