Bear Grylls Tries Escaping a High-Rise Fire

Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls has become perhaps the world's most famous survivalist and is widely known for his television series Man vs Wild which ran from 2006-2011. In addition to Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls also had a couple other t.v. shows, one of which was called Worst-Case Scenario and it ran for 12 episodes in 2010. The show was hosted by the Discovery Channel and saw Grylls use his survival skills in a number of scenarios. In the clip below, Grylls enacts a scenario in which he is stuck in a burning building and cannot use the stairs, watch what happens to the ultimate survival man:


In the clip, Grylls starts off by correctly pointing out that, "So often the difference between being a statistic and being a survivor is just the ability to take decisive action when it matters." He then tries to be as resourceful as possible and escape out the window, recognizing that the stairs are not a safe option. As you saw, Grylls does not have enough time to measure out the fire hose and only finds out too late that not only is it not long enough, but with explosions, he is unable to hold on.
Because this was a simulated disaster scenario, Grylls has a bouncy inflatable to fall onto, but otherwise the descent from 6 stories is almost certainly fatal. Grylls himself admits that under normal circumstances he wouldn't have survived the fall and that, "Sometimes, however hard you try, however resourceful you are, however you throw at it, sometimes you just need a bit of help."
It is exactly this disaster scenario which led us to create the innovative SkySaver backpack which can easily rescue someone from a burning building or other disaster up high. The device is extremely easy to put on, and in only seconds the wearer can be strapped in safely and headed down safely. Inside the backpack is a controlled descent device (CDD) which will automatically lower the user at a rate of 3-6 feet/second (1-2 meters/second).
Just like Bear Grylls said, in some situations you need a bit of help to survive and in a multi-story disaster, that bit of help is SkySaver.