Vision and Values


Our mission is to save lives. We want to ensure the availability of a safe, comfortable, and easy way of evacuation from a high rise or multi-story building in case of an emergency. We have brought together a team of experts, well experienced in the field of the safety industry as military personnel in R&D divisions, in order to develop the best products on the market. On SkySaver's board of advisors we have experienced firefighters, homeland security, and defense officials with relevant technical expertise from the U.S and around the world. We want the public to have access to affordable, easy to operate, and reliable self- evacuation devices, while providing each of our users the highest level of customer care. In addition to producing the most advanced devices for self-evacuation from multi-story buildings, we aim to set up a network of experts across the fire safety and architectural/building fields in order to share our knowledge in those fields.



We believe our devices could easily become part of any household's or office's necessary safety equipment, just as security alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm and sprinkler systems that have long ago become part of our lives. We hope to revolutionize the public's awareness and understanding of the need for self- evacuation devices and better fire safety and rescue procedures, building our outreach education programs for the private sector and emergency organizations. Becoming the leading company in the real-time personal safety industry/self-rescue device products is our goal, and we believe our expertise and the quality of our products will ensure we attain this goal.



There is saying that saving one life is like saving the world and that sums up our credo. There is nothing more important to us than ensuring your safety when your life is endangered. When you are literally putting your lives in our hands, it is important for you to know those are capable hands. This is why we submit our products for exhaustive testing by leading accreditation organizations, making it possible for our products to comply with the ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Material) standards E2484-08 and F1772-12 and to the European EN 341 standard. We are committed to providing you with reliable and safe equipment. We intend our products to be as user friendly as possible since we value your comfort and convenience. We would like to ensure that even during the most stressful of events you will find our products hassle free, offering you a smooth ride to the ground.