The Technology Behind SkySaver


What price can one put on his/her own life? The SkySaver backpack is the most revolutionary self-rescue device out there. SkySaver will be there for you when other means of escape are impossible. Fire spreads rapidly, and too many people perish because they lack the means of escape. In 2014 there were nearly 1.3 million fires reported in the USA alone, in which, there were over 19,000 casualties. In the future, we hope to prevent as many of these casualties from happening as possible. SkySaver is as essential to one’s home as a fire extinguisher or a smoke detector. This easy-to-use, life-saving innovation will allow you and your family to sleep much easier at night, knowing you are in safe hands.


Controlled Descent Device (C.D.D.)

The most essential and revolutionary aspect of the SkySaver is the Controlled Descent Device (CDD). The CDD is located within the SkySaver backpack. This device allows you to safely and securely descend to safety. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, and is capable of securely lowering anyone to the ground who weighs between 66 and 264 pounds at a safe speed of three to six feet per second. It is incredibly durable, able to withstand heat, cold, oil, dust, and extreme tension.

1. The high quality screws, made of steel, hold the device securely together, and help to reinforce the CDD.
2. The plate is made of aluminum and isolates the braking system from the planetary gear system.
3. The planetary gear system is reinforced to withstand high tension and shock.
4. The back reinforced plate gives ultimate protection and backpack compatibility.
5. The drum is made of alloy steel which gives reinforced strength to the teeth on the drum.
6. The mechanical braking system is made of cast-iron, strong enough to allow for your 1-2 meter per second descent.
7. The reinforced plate protects the CDD against extreme tension and conditions.

This device was designed and tested by top engineers over the course of three years. It was tested against heat, being baked at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours as well as tested against cold, being frozen at -31 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours. It underwent testing for direct fire, oil, dust, and it was submerged in water.
For every ten units, a dummy nicknamed “Rescue Randy” is used to test the SkySaver for 60 feet. For every fifty units, SkySaver conducts destructive testing, uncoiling the entire CDD to its limits.
Every single CDD is rigorously tested, in order to ensure that it functions according to its technical specifications. Multiple tests are conducted by experts in the field of industrial engineering and design. You can feel safe knowing that your CDD was manufactured and tested by a professional, with as much care and expertise as humanly possible. Each CDD contains a barcode that matches it with its corresponding backpack, ensuring its direct compatibility. This allows each SkySaver to work to perfection, and lets us track each component of SkySaver wherever it is in the world.

The Backpack

The SkySaver backpack is sturdy, durable, and comfortable. There was an immense amount of research and development put into its design and functionality. With this revolutionary backpack, we ensure your safety as well as your comfort as you are lowered out of harm’s way.

1. The SkySaver backpack is double-stitched at integral points and made with lightweight materials.
2. The straps of the backpack are padded in order to guarantee maximum comfort. SkySaver is adjustable to different sizes so it fits you snugly.
3. This is the first ever backpack with an integrated harness. In addition to ensuring your safety, this backpack assures your comfort.
4. The hazard colors allow for you to be easily identified during an emergency, and the reflective strips allow you to be visible in smoke or nighttime situations.
5. The buckles are incredibly durable and load bearing. They are remarkably safe and finely crafted to ensure that you make it safely to the ground.
6. The red strap allows for quick and easy access to release the harness, so you can strap on the SkySaver as quickly as possible.
7. The padding encapsulates your body in order to prevent shock suspension.


Testing Unit Reaction Force (T.U.R.F.)

 The machine used to test each SkySaver took hundreds of hours of research and development by three experts in the fields of engineering and quality assurance. One of the creators of this machine also helped create one of the most revolutionary military safety devices of the last decade, which has saved thousands of lives and continues to do so. The machine is used to test the reaction force of each SkySaver, making sure it will work properly in an emergency situation. The load cell used for the machine has a one-ton capacity and was developed by Zemic, a company with over 50 years of experience as a load cell supplier. It uses 7.5 Kilowatts of power to test the devices, ensuring their quality, and that they are in perfect working condition. Every test is essential, as all of them are recorded and documented. 


The Process